Ugh this game


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  • ZiaGaming
    I know right @Cal_Phoenix, UGH, THIS GAME!!! FxCK
    August 2016
  • Hey,

    I cannot remember, intelligence adds MP right? Thanks,

    You seem to know more than most on this forum.

    July 2016
    • EclitX12
      Yes ,adds MP and increases fire,ice and energy damage (:
  • I like the idea of being able to report someone through the game, and then they can get penalized for a certain time. However, how would it be proven? If and I were on a team and someone we didn't like we're on our team, we could report him/her. How could this be applied? Like the ps network, there should be a ban/block button, or a way to prevent certain people from ever being on your team. I, for one, am sick of people leaving matches and messing up my game experience. Also, I hate when teammates don't help, or just run into the enemy and feed them kills (sanctuary especially)
    April 2016
    • Cal_Phoenix
      Thanks for your interest. Sorry I didn't reply, I haven't been very active here lately because, well look at this place ha.
      The idea of player based reports comes from Helldivers system of commend/report.
      There would need to be restrictions applied. Each player can only issue (x) number of reports per week. Once a player receives (x) reports they get teamed with other reported players for (x) amount of time. Can't report a player multiple times in a week. Status is cleared every week. Can't report opponents or players on your friend list. Duo's and teams cannot report. The winning team can't report (possibly?). Reports are anonymous and your report total is either hidden or updated infrequently (every x hours or so)
      I won't go into commends, but possibly a player commendation would cancel a report.
      The satisfaction of being able to instantly report an awful team-mate outweighs the potential for abuse I think. There are a couple players who hate me and would report me on sight, not 10 players though. I might report someone for not surrendering, or for stealing all my kills, it doesn't matter, unless (x) number of individuals also report that player.
      I don't think the worst noobs would even realise or care they are being reported and sent to the lower tier tbh. Getting "deserter" status doesn't seem to bother them.
    • Cal_Phoenix
      I would add that the community here is quite bad though. There's an awful lot of buddying up and cronyism. The potential for group chat messages of "everyone report that guy" is high. I would perhaps set quite a high limit on reports received.