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  • 1514203844817
    January 2018
  • 1514203844814
    Help us
    January 2018
  • Match id 1514203844814
    Player thekikubrikita_do
    Not die he play without doe near tower
    January 2018
  • Dear Bacdar, please help me... I dont know how you can, but its error i have only on my account.
    My PSN id is KovZsi.
    I tried to collect my daily prices and the gifts, money.
    But when im pressing triangle button, always there is this message on screen:
    "An error has occured during communication with server. Please try again later"
    I cant buy anything from magic shop: Flask of fury, Immunity or something else because i have only 17 golds.
    ...but there is 746 (!) items that i have not collected yet.
    I cannot collect any money, its adding to pergament on top right, but cant collect...
    ... but the problem now is i can playing matches only with empty belt, without fury... Its a hard mode...
    ...but bigger problem that I cant repair my items or avatars, and all my eqipment will be broken all my avatars will be broken...
    In fact only way to get money if i buy gold for real money in PSN store... I dont want to do that.
    Help me Bacdar, i dont want more error messages.
    Thanks, KovZsi
    October 2017
  • AND AGAIN !!
    ID: 1506451278730

    USERS "running95" AND "mrgalama889_NZ" USING CHEATS FOR KILLS WITH ANOTHER USER "XSoul_D_EvansX"

    October 2017
  • jasmi
    hi bacdar kkdmillz continue insulte me forum please block kkdmillz tnx
    September 2017
  • Hey bacdar,

    Just wanted to report some people who are CLEARLY cheating by boosting or some other method. I always see these three on a team except this game that I just played where one of them was on the opposing. Soon as the game started he just stayed at the core and allowed his teammates to destroy us. They are always doing this. Please look into all three of them

    Match id: 1505559672910

    It's ADATOR307 on my team.

    Boosting for the others it's CLEARLY CHEATING
    September 2017

  • Good morning Bacdar, I come here to denounce a player that is using hack, I have the video of the match in which it is invisible and attack the players, towers and nucleus undetected
    video of the match

    September 2017
  • jasmi
    hi problem server invokers not possible invite friend in game server invokers no SINCRO please help me ID jasmine2323
    August 2017
  • Match id 1496080175023
    Usa server
    June 2017
  • @bacdar hello bacdar my main playstation account (haydenmanson) was banned and was wondering if you could transfer the data from the account to my new one?
    June 2017
  • Uso de Hack, Servidor US, ID PAULADA_CERTA, me explique GM ou ADM, como pode minha conta lvl 77 com os itens + tops aparecidos nas lojas até o momento, estar com eu com HP cheio e de posse do livre que aumenta o ataque, soltar chuva da spinna nessa ID PAULADA_CERTA que estava com HP pela metade, o mesmo levou toda a chuva e não morreu e ele ainda me matou e o detalhe ele é apenas lvl 48, se ele não usa hack então eu sou **** pois tenho lvl 77 e nunca vi itens que me dessem tanto poder, ou vocês resolvem isso ou estarei largando o jogo, não gasto + nem 1 centavo aqui pois não sou palhaço!!!
    May 2017
    • Betinhalife
      Verdade concordo com vc tem lvl muito mas baixo que nos e fazem um estrago, queria intender tbm mas ta osso
  • I want Report abrhan1605 id1489525610447 Strange move in defensive mode
    March 2017
  • ZiaGamingV2
    Rated as 5 star, ZiaGamiing what are you talking about?????
    Who's this!!!???
    ZiaGamiing is not me!
    This is me, here with my other account: ZiaGamingV2!
    ZiaGamiing is not me! It's a troll!!!
    January 2017
  • ZiaGamiing
    Rated as 1 star, what a useless game this is <3
    December 2016
  • SmartSuperstar89
    Hey, Bacdar!
    How are you?
    December 2016
  • Id 1477543914661
    The cheat Can u See in tour mainframe
    October 2016
  • Id 1477124306216
    Videogamer145 ddos attack on any
    October 2016
  • YTKrazy_Kreeper
    My Friend Told Me To Report Two Players He came Across With In His Game He Cant Do It Cause He Isnt Registerd The Game ID Is =1472588397921 a Player named Pako_pakitoo was feeding alexandredgamer Thiz Is Unacceptable.My Friend Who Wanted me to report this is SmA_Foxtrot_Rw If You Nee Screenshots Of Them Telling him that They Were Guilty Of Feeing Them Then JUst Contact Me
    September 2016
  • can you help me my acct is gone and i cant get in it my logs are gone i dont have a page with my fights on it its not there eather
    aKrooKlyNa is my acct help
    July 2016
    • Lostdove
      Try deleting the game and then reinstalling.
  • I was just in a match, match I'd: 1459273238886 . A player named HAMTOM_ was on my team, and he literally sat at our base the entire match
    He kept saying "sorry." He was behaving like a child and I don't ever want to be teamed with him again. I have screen shots if needed.
    April 2016
  • US server
    match ID 1459273218593

    Spent the first 8 minutes of the match not moving allowing a significant advantage to the opponents.
    April 2016
  • US server
    Match I.D. 1459273218556
    Player ID Narutoanime19 left game
    April 2016
  • U.S. server
    Match I.D. 1459273210787
    Player I.D. Jadsonatiias
    Left the match
    April 2016
  • U.S. server
    match I.D. 1459273209867
    Player I.D. Deontebreh

    Left match before it was over
    April 2016
  • Hey,

    As a heads up this report might be me not understanding the game vs my previous reports of people leaving the game mid match.
    User grilledbeefsteak from what I think I saw seems to be using the same special move back to back with no refractory period. Sorry If I am not seeing this right or understanding the mechanics right.


    US server
    Match ID 1459273203207
    Player ID Grilledbeefsteak

    April 2016
  • U.S. server
    Match I.D. 1459273202976
    Player I.D. Lost_lh
    April 2016
  • Server U.S.
    Match I.D. 1459273202885
    User I.D. mateo19990
    April 2016
  • U.S. server,
    match I.D. 1459273202655
    User I.D. Brunod76 (my team)
    User I.D. messi10pach (opponent)
    April 2016
  • Zia786Gaming
    February 2016