Stormbasic and Bacdar - Thanks for the game!

I would have liked to answer Bacdars announcement in news...but since this is not possible I post it here. The news are sad but surely not suprising. Its almost a miracle the game survived so long without updates. Other games of this kind came later and vanished earlier...anyone remembers 'Pirates: Treasure Hunters'? I still play INVOKERS casually and enjoy it...somehow I was afraid that you just cannot play it anymore without warning. Now that we have a set end date I would like to say thanks to all involved in making this game and keeping it online for so long. Bacdar was always hesitating to talk about troubles but you could see there were problems....but it could also be seen that the people left were doing their best to keep everything running a good as possible...under the circumstances. I will keep playing until the last day...and I will miss this game when it is gone...


  • Since its exactly half a year to go I renewed my subscription. Have a few beers for the 8,99 :D
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