The Best scared player in Invokers!!

I think all players scared all game,is hard is difficult games!!! But for the game Invokers tournament the standard players scared!! because scared the lose, scared the points I don't know!!! I know one.... Jasmine2323 joan_beniopa davidchy91 - 90,Jacques-an,ventei69,Pako_pakitoo, haidervillada1 haidervillada69,l!! I don't remember all players but that is the best scared player of Invokers!!!! That players play only Team because scared!!! For the history 1 time i take the gold solo vs the best players and team all the years... Punisher mateusheindhoven Emon hrpatte EL_NuMeRo_2-JeJe Davide1218 jaradom, BailaShuraKun,pasta-cu-sucu, nkilkippa, Nick-Eternal, Mario90so, LegumanFTW, Fabionapolano221!!!!! Now all players in Invokers use bugs, lagging and is kid!!All players fooling the friends because is the best players, dancing and putt confirm surrender if win the game.... That is Invokers today...!!!Congratulations!!!!!! =D>


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