Restore invisibility and mana potion?


Long time ago there were in Magic Shop some potions and parchments, and now, THERE AREN'T any!!!
The noobs (new gamers) not knows that,
i think the INVISIBILITY item,
and the MANA POTION.
Please take it back into the game!

thanks, KovZsi


  • Well its worth saying Bacdar doesnt reply to these kind of Comment .I never saw him replying .He is just silencs
  • Well, let's make an exception!
    The Mana potion was removed from the store, as it was making unbalance for some battles. So, we decided to give them only as daily rewards.
    The Invisibility potion....someones found someway to hack the game with them, so we decided to retire them until a game patch to fix the issue (which unfortunately never came)
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    Bacdar XXXXX. Tell us how Much Money you need to get back Together and start working
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