Invokers Video On YouTube (YT)

Tomas, made a video with me duo with him.
Tomai, thanks bro ;)
His channel!: Tomas Jagmis!
His PSN ID!: Tomashex!
My PSN ID!: ZiaGaming!
My Channel: I gave my channel to my other cousin lol

Guys, Tomas is a cool guy, seriously man.
One of my best friends this year!!
Thanx Tomas! Peace out! my Golem Brother! ;)
Guys! Sub to him!: Tomas Jagmis
Like the vid, comment! & sub!
Thanks Krazy Kreeper, for liking & comment! / Sub! ;)
Peace out brothers! :)

More of my friends!:
GKD (forgot the numbers lol)
Darkon_Overkill (my brother)


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